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Silenced Fred

so what do i win?

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i haven't received either yet... [crying]


Kinda like pre-ordering a guitar....."will ship next week...or the week after....maybe next month....after we've filled the orders for our friends and employees if there are any left"

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You win a life.




Well, you can't have that, but if you're an American citizen you are entitled to:

a heated kidney shaped pool,

a microwave oven--don't watch the food cook,

a Dyna-Gym--I'll personally demonstrate it in the privacy of your own home,

a king-size Titanic unsinkable Molly Brown waterbed with polybendum,

a foolproof plan and an airtight alibi,

real simulated Indian jewelry,

a Gucci shoetree,

a year's supply of antibiotics,

a personally autographed picture of Randy Mantooth

and Bob Dylan's new unlisted phone number,

a beautifully restored 3rd Reich swizzle stick,

Rosemary's baby,

a dream date in kneepads with Paul Williams,

a new Matador, a new mastodon,

a Maverick, a Mustang, a Montego,

a Merc Montclair, a Mark IV, a meteor,

a Mercedes, an MG, or a Malibu,

a Mort Moriarty, a Maserati, a Mac truck,

a Mazda, a new Monza, or a moped,

a Winnebago--Hell, a herd of Winnebago's we're giving 'em away,

or how about a McCulloch chainsaw,

a Las Vegas wedding,

a Mexican divorce,

a solid gold Kama Sutra coffee pot,

or a baby's arm holding an apple?

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i haven't received either yet... [crying]


555-867-5309.........Jenny's my secretary........If she puts you on hold, WILCO will play in the background.......

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when i hit 10k


do i get a free jimi hendrix epi strat?


firebird x?


does henry secretly put some rosewood off to the side for me?


dem00n and Thunder, shed some light for me

You get the right to post for FREE !!! [confused]

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