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339 vs. 335 dimensions


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read through the forum but couldn't find this exact question addressed:


1) Could some one please tell me the dimensions of the 339 "body", like it's measurement across it's widest point and across it's longest point (if someone had a picture of it setting side by side their 335, that would be great!)


2) Could any of you new owners who also own a 335 (or have played them alot) tell me how much warmth it's lacking compared to the 335 or any sonic differences you've perceived that are different from the 335.


I haven't been able to find any in our local music stores, but getting close to ordering online, but have never in my life purchased without playing first and a little shy to take the plunge, but this guitar from this forum and all the online reviews and it's price is making it very, very tempting.





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I don't have an authoritative answer for you because I don't own either guitar. I am shopping for a new guitar and the only two I am looking at are the 339 and 335. Here is what I can tell you:


1) There is a big difference in size between the two guitars. Not only that, they feel very different. When I tried using both guitars using the stool at the dealer I was very uncomfortable with the 335 because it is gargantuan compared to the 339 (and the Variax I own and play as my main guitar.) My first impression was "this 335 ain't a gonna fly". But I tried a different seat and found the 335 to be quite comfortable. It was just a matter of adjusting the height of my seating and the angles of my legs. With a good seat it was quite comfortable to play the 335. So the bottom line for me is that the size is not an issue. I will say that the 339 was immediately comfortable because it was so similar to the guitar I already play.


2) The two guitars do sound different. I want to play different guitars of each model more, but my impression so far is that the 335 has longer sustain and just sounds better to my ear. Whether it's better to you isn't quite as important as my observation that there is a difference. This difference may be due to differences in individual instruments. Both are really, really nice.


3) The necks feel very different. Nothing one couldn't get used to, but the 339 was very much like my Variax 700 (which feels like a Stratocaster). The 335 felt like no guitar I have ever handled at first. There are at least two necks for the 335. One has binding that is higher, and has the effect of creating a trough for the fretboard to fit in. This neck is also very fat. The other kind of neck is more conventional without the trough made of binding, and the neck is not unusually fat. The action of the fat one I tried was very high too. The whole question of feel from instrument to instrument is an important criterion, I believe.


4) Price is an issue, and the 335 is much more expensive. However, I am currently leaning toward the 335. A couple more trips to the dealer may sway me the other way. Both are very nice. I like some of the modern touches on the 339.

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I have resolved not to buy a new Gibson guitar online because of the abundance of negative feedback I have read related to guitars with poor setup and other defects. Even among afficianados of Gibson guitars there seems to be strong advice that choosing an individual instrument is the correct approach. Perhaps this is because of spotty quality control, or at least lack of consistency.


The number one problem I have seen complained about was poor setup, followed by bad nut dimensions.


I find that there are a number of quirks with the Gibsons that I don't like. For example, nickel plating instead of chrome plating. This is an inferior process that is practically guaranteed to flake off in time. The nitro finish is a bit suspicious also in this day of advanced durable finishes. Frankly, the Epiphone Elitist Dot is looking better all the time to me.

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