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talking of ugly guitars...

S t e v e

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This is exactly why the Jem is almost sold; I thought I could get past that "Vine of Life" inlays. I fricking hate it, way too much fluff.


although it's no where near as "fluff" as the above lp fingerboard...i like the "vine of life" though i gotta admit B)

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All IMHO, of course...


The f'board inlay is way too flash. In fact it ranks with the worst I've ever seen.

The hardware is too flash. I don't really like gold hardware even on an Ebony Custom. On a 'burst I think it's truly awful.

The 'bling' TRC is too flash.

The 'Ship's Lifebelt' headstock inlay is too flash.

The Gold/Pearl tuner buttons are too flash.

Even the top is too highly figured for my taste.


Other than that it's fine.


(I actually quite like the colour of the 'burst so it's not all bad....)


I love this sentence from Gibson's own spec sheet as per the link in the first post;


"There is elegance, and there is class. Then there is the Les Paul Ultima................"





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