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Interference Buzz on Custom VOS


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I recently purchased a 57 Custom VOS. The guitar is an absolute beauty and the tone is amazing; however I have encountered one problem. For some reason my house (particularly the room my guitar is set up in) generates a fair amount of EM interference. This happens regardless of which amp or guitar I use. I always get a moderate buzzing sound. For some reason my VOS amplifies this buzzing significantly. Literally, the buzzing is twice as loud with the VOS as it is with my PRS Custom 24. Of course I took the VOS down to the local GC where I purchased it, and it was dead silent... I am thinking this is because there is no interference in the store to generate the buzz? Anyhow, I have replaced the instrument chord, purchased a power conditioner, and tried unplugging all other electronics in my room (tv, comupter monitor, etc)... but nothing reduces the buzz.


Here is some more info that might help diagnose the problem:


- The buzzing quiets down when I touch anything metal on the guitar

- Also quites down as I turn down the volume and tone nobs

- Buzzing is less severe in certain rooms in the house (to test, I plugged my amp into a room where the buzzing was less, then proceeded to walk, with the guitar, into my usual playing room... as I entered the room the buzzing increased... makes me beleive that my guitar is acting like an antenna and picking up EM noise in the room.


My initial thought is that the pickups are at fault. Are the VOS pickup cavities poorly shielded/grounded? And if this is the issue, why was the darn thing dead silent at the guitar store? Like I have stated, I believe that part of the problem is the power in my house so I dont expect to get the thing silent... but it would be nice if I could reduce the buzz to a more manageable level. Does anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences with VOS guitars?


PS-Yes, I could always move rooms, but I'm not sure my wife would appreciate me playing in the dining room all the time.

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It is more of a problem with the house circuits more than the specific rooms. Rooms are connected on some of the same wiring circuits. The buzz can be from a light or tv from anotther room on the same circuit. It may be louder on the Custom than the PRS because of the gain of the pickups. A good test would be to try on a day when you can turn off everything except the circuit you are using and unplug everthing on that circuit. You may have a ground issue with that circuit. Touching the metal and the buzz stops indicates a ground issue. It is not the fault of your Custom as the PRS does it too and the problem goes away at GC. As another test, if you have an American Power Conversion SmartUPS or Backup UPS, try plugging your amp into that if the UPS is rated to handle the load. It will provide a cleaner power to your amp. Another way to sometimes stop the issue is to switch the 2 wires on the guitar at the jack, switching the hot and ground. Or one end of the guitar cable. You are on the right track narrowing things down. Don't stop now.



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