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Wish I could help you on the history quest but wow, that's cool. I love those. Is yours a cutaway? Love to see a pic if you can manage.


As I bet you know, trying to get history on models is a wild goose chase. In any given guitar book's description of specs on Gibson models, I can often pull at least one Gibson out of my collection that directly contradicts the what the "experts" wrote. I'm not knocking their efforts, just relating my experience that they're often off. The next book I'm after is the Gibson Bible... if I manage to score it I'll share everything in it I find concerning the history of the vury sexy ES-125. I believe they were a lower-tier student model but that's the best I can do for you... good luck! We're at a disadvantage because the ESs other than the 335 & 175 are overlooked.

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