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Early Gibson Value?


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a friend has asked me to try to find out about his vintage Gibson guitar he acquired from his father's friend when he was 12. The serial number on it is 135437. I know nothing about musical instruments and just trying to get some help for him..he claims its in near new condition but i can't validate that. Hope someone can lead me in the right direction.

Thank you so much,


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The Gibson six-digit serial numbers tell absolutely nothing about the guitar, but can be used in conjunction with other physical attributes and technical info to determine the specifics of the guitar.


In addition to the serial number, You will need to provide model name/number, potentiometer codes, and a set of detailed photos. By comparing ALL the evidence together, a specific determination can be made of make/model/year/condition.


Once that is determined you can check COMPS (comparable sales values) to determine it's worth.

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