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New Year's Guitar resolutions....


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New year guitar resolutuions:


1. I am going to learn 3 new stage ready songs, chords, lyrics, and embellishments (each song needs about 100 reps to get ready)

2. Write 3 songs from scratch... chords, lyrics, and embellishments...stage ready

3. Sell 3 guitars that I am not playing much these days (better to be in the hands of players)


You got any ideas for your own ???

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A - win lottery


B - all depends on A


C - improve the pickin' til people gasp in amazement at my intro and go in to a rapture as tune begins?????? Well, if not continue to learn that rotten Gary Davis chord and rotten van Ronk lick. Something about isometric exercises on van Ronk's dvd instructional.


D - shuffle some gits out and shuffle some IN.


E - perhaps play something a lot older than I....





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I should:


- Keep my daily practice schedule [smile]

- Learn new songs

- Work more in open tunings like E and G [smile]

- Use more often my capo

- Keep exploring the chords embelishements and walk into chords [smile]

- Learn more about music theory; the usefull stuff, harmonies etc... [smile]


That ought to keep my beloveth H-Bird and myself closer and happy [biggrin]

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