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looking for my old explorer


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i'm looking to find my old explorer.i traded it approx 3 or 4 years ago at guitar center in va beach va for my 57 custom shop.although i never regretted the trade i would like to get the explorer back.never been much of a explorer guy but this 1 is special to me.heres the description.alpine white black pick guard sg style bigsby with gibson logo.large frets dot neck inlay with moon crest at the 12th fret.orval gibson pic on the back of the head stock.pair if seymore pearly gate pick ups.i know all this info because i put this combonation together using a damaged Goth Explorer i bought from a Mars Music store during their liquidation sale.i'm shure this a one of a kind guitar.there is a ding on the end of the head stock.anyone sees this guitar please contact me through this forum of email.thanks

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