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I wish all of you the Merriest of Christmases or whatever the reason you're celebrating this time of year.In keeping with the season is that there's a disturbing ritual that seems to be growing and that's drunk driving.This time of year the DUI offences go up greatly in number.If you are having just one drink don't take your car as most areas now have zero tolerence which means that any reading between .001 and .008 would result in impounding of your car for 24hrs. plus towing and associated fees.Your driver's licence would also be forfieted for the same amount of time and even that is at the disgression of the traffic courts.


I have lost 2 people very close to me through the actions of 3 time DUI offenders who were both coincedently awaiting trial for being responsible for a car crash causing bodily harm.Neither one of these jerks received a very stiff sentence even though they were responsible for causing injuries and even death due to their lack or compassion for others or self control.Please don't drink and drive-take a cab or a bus or just walk it off with a brisk walk home as long as the keys stay hung on a hook. and.If you see afriend attempting to drive drunk do whatever it takes to stop him-you may be saving his life-and others.

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