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Can anyone recommend a set of PUP's for my '79 ES-335 TD?


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Well I've just bought a nice '79 ES-335 TD at a pretty good price over here in London.


I've previously owned a walnut '74 ES-335 TD which I did love but eventually sold due to the super narrow nut (40 mm)...


The '79 has a very nice 1.673 inch (42.51 mm) nut which is just perfect for me. I do admit that I really miss the Hog neck and light weight features on the '74 but I guess you can't have everything!!!!


I've been looking at buying a set of PUP's to install as I'm not convinced by the stock ones in this guitar. I know that Gibson quality was an issue in the '70's and I think the suspect PUP's are a good example in mine....I guess I'm looking for that classic vintage PAF sound.


Has anyone had expereience with either of the following PUP's in your semi hollow bodies?



1. Seymour Duncan Antiquities




2. Bare Knuckle Mule




3. Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday





Any other suitable suggestions would be appreciated....



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I've always found the std 335 P/U's very acceptable...


It's such a personal quest...playing style, amps, room ambience, vol levels all play their part


Some P/U's sit better with certain woods


All suggested brands are excellent...many have sound clips to peruse online


Personal choice would be BareKnuckle for their attentive response and knowledge


SD have been around a long time and have a wealth of experience...





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