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How to make good use of the free B2B websites

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Many foreign trade enterprises often tell: Many free B2B websites are useless, they must be choose the B2B website with charge. However I don't think so. If you can make the good use of free B2B website , and make good use of their values, I think it’s must be better than the chargeable B2B websites. So I want to share my opinions with the foreign trade enterprises as below:


You should know that how to choose a B2B website, it means you are impossible to register many good B2B websites because your time and the energy must be not enough. So you will post some information to the websites casually. This action is not effective. In my opinion, about the promotion of the foreign trade , you need to spend half of scheduled time to do the analysis.


First, you find a B2B website, of course you should know this business website’s background and some important data, and you should know that the following points:


1. The business website’s pageview: this can be searched in the ALEXA data query website.


2. Country or market focused (it’s very important because you want to push your products to which county or market, you should consider it meet your need or not? For example: if you want to look for some B2B websites, you can link to the Easytrade.com , I find that this is a good choice..


3. What functions do they have in the web site for the members? The functions and features are important to the members’ communication via the B2B site. For example, in addition to the online contact form, some B2B sites provide Ask For Quote and Selling Offer[ /url] forms that moves daily paper operation to online.


4. To see if there are any comment and relevant information on-line, if you find that the website is fix for promotion needs, then you can spend more time and focus on it. Now I want to share some my personal opinions about how to get the largest value with make use of B2B websites as below:


A. About post products

When you post your products must be attention the keywords because the customer is base on the keywords to search the products, while one of the part is base on the keywords in the B2B sites. You can test post products, and then click on the site. If you find that the result is behind your comparison, you can adjust the appropriate keywords and then look at the ranking result again.


B. About find the buyer

Many persons go to<a herf=http://www.easytrade.com> B2B website</a> will find the buyer information directly, and also want to find the newest information. However you can find the buyer then make the inquiry. If you have enough time, sending the letter to them and ask whether they have sourced the right products, also tell them your contact information and website. It also means doing the promotion work about your website for the potential customers. There is another lesson on the website, that's enterprise database. Don't miss this chance; it's the best to search product name+importer or buyer to look for their buying information.


C. About unable to see the buyer information to the free member on the B2B website.

Only paying member can see the buyer information on the B2B website, including company name and contact information, in fact we can search “ company name ” or “contact person” to find the information you want to get on the search engine. if useless, you still can try to use “company name + product name + ‘buyer’” these method to find the information you want to get.

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