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Epi sighting at the Gun's n Roses Concert

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Just thought I'd share with those interested. I saw Guns n Roses in Seattle Friday with a Band called Loaded as an opening act. Lots of Epiphones in use at the show. Here is a rundown. The lead guitarist for Loaded was sporting an ED 339 in black for the entire show. Not sure if it was the standard or the ultra. The current evolution of Guns n Roses only has Axle Rose from the original band so I am unfamiliar with the other members, They had 3 Guitarists a Keyboard player and a bassist. One of the guitarists was using Epiphone exclusively. His main guitar was a Black ES 345 with a custom rally style racing stripe in line with the neck. He also used a Epi SG in TV Yellow which I believe was a 61 Special re-issue and finally a Korina 58 Explorer. The other guitar player that was not the Slash fill in Rocked out a Phant o Matic for "Welcome to the Jungle"


Show was good but unfortunately the Key arena sucks for a venue. Acoustics are horrible and the band did not dial in a decent mix until the end of the show. Nice to see all the Epiphones getting a thorough work out.

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I was at a concert last night, the main band was Abandon All Ships

It was a smaller show, and they had 4 other bands play as well.


The first two bands had Epis. In one band the guitarist had an Epi Prophecy LP EX, and in another the guitarist had an Epi Negative SG with EMGs, they were both playing through some model of peavey 6505 head, into an orange 4x12 cab.


I'd say they were the least known though, so that could just have been what they could afford, but it sounded great.

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Epi quality is good enough now to take on the road, and no major tears if they are lost, stolen, or damaged as often happens when on tour.


Makes very good business sense.


+1. Exactly! Upgrade the PU's in your Epi, and it almost sounds like a Gibson, only you won't take a financial beating if it gets stolen, broken, or a beer gets dumped on it at a gig. Spend more if you want, but an Epi will do the job. What really matters is your playing, not what you it play on.

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