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2011 Cherry Figured Top ES-335

Kineman Karma

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G'day Ya'll,


Well, as I am a Gibson NUT!!


I thought that it would be appropriate to ask all ES-335 owners to describe their first date with Miss 335.


When I popped the Cherry on Miss ES-335, "CHERRY" lol!! I would describe the occassion as follows;


It was like having sex with a fat lady for the first time.


(1) Very comfortable to hold with curves to cushion for the pushin!


(2) She's heavy so you build up a lot of sweat that makes her wet!


(3) It's not over until the fat lady sings!


Most times for me the fat lady sings, so I guess it's a premature ejeculation occassion :)


Miss 335 you keep me alive!! Thanks GIBSON....

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Ha, got one coming myself.I was a strat player for the last 9 years and was looking for something different .Bought my first Gibson in june,my second last month (a Midtown custom) and now a cherry 335. Love the way Gibsons play. Hopefully those who have one already will chime in.

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