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My father in law has had this guitar in his closet for many years, He took it out because he knows he will never get around to restoring this guitar. The guitar is in need of work, i have tape holding a piece from the guitar, its not cracked. The glue joint came undone. The neck and body are mahogony. He bought it at a yard sale the way it is in these pictures. He really didnt know much about the guitar but figured it would be a cool project. Anyways, He wants to sell it but i have no idea what it is or anything. I dont know how to tell or anything. I am not familiar with guitars at all. Was thinking maybe you guys can help me out. Any info would be awesome. Thank you for your time.


I tried to load pictures but only lets me load this one. Hope the one picture helps. Thanks

post-38464-004051600 1324436744_thumb.jpg

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