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Sorry, I'm a little clueless, but what does GOTW stand for? I may not know that, but that's a sweet guitar.


In 2007 Gibson made a limited run of guitars every week (actually 48 models) - Guitar Of The Week - GOTW - here's the website showing off all of them - http://www.gibson.com/en-us/Divisions/Gibson%20USA/Guitar%20of%20the%20Week/


In 2008 Gibson made a limited run of guitars every month - Guitar Of The Month - GOTM - here's the website showing off all of them - http://www.gibson.com/en-us/divisions/gibson%20usa/products/guitar%20of%20the%20month/



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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!


Yes, I fell in love as soon as I saw it too. And it's truly a different guitar as far as Les Paul's go. No body binding or pickup rings (no need for them) or pickguard (why would you want to hide that AAA flame top?). Maple fret markers. Ebony fingerboard and locking tuners and the jack is one of the ones that has a clip to keep you from accidentally pulling it from the guitar.


In addition to the 2 Burstbucker pickups it also comes with a set of p94(humbucker sized p90's). To change the pickups you push them out through the back of the guitar (pickups are mounted on metal plates held in place by magnets), then unclip the connectors on the end of the wires, connect the other pickup and put it back in the guitar. Some might argue that the wood removed from the back of the guitar will hurt sustain and tone, but I find the metal bases for the pickup mounts make up for it.

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Nice, I have the same one. Will never part with it. Did you cover the Neck Pickup? Mine is uncovered.

Yeah, I covered it... I bought a wide-spaced cover for the bridge, but it turns out it needs a normal spaced one, so I just left it. I could never part with mine either!

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May 2008 GTOM. Les Paul Premium Push Tone. #96 of 1000




I've always found those Push Tone Les Pauls interesting.

B.B.Pros and P-94s that swap in/out in any combination quickly from the rear with quick connectors and hold in place with magnets.


If they still sold these, and offered various pickups for it, it may be the only Les Paul you would ever need.

No wonder they don't.




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