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HELP!!! DID i buy a gibson or a copy??????

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Hej Oscar! That's a fantastic Norlin-era Les Paul Custom - 100% real thing! It has a 3-piece maple neck - the strongest construction. Pancake body of multiple layers of maple and mahogany. Voluted headstock. Maple fingerboards appeared on LPs in 1975 and lasted until 1979. It was a rare option. Great guitar! Congratulations! God jul och ett gott nytt år! Cheers... Bence

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Looks legit man. Great buy. The reason the binding may look new is because the person you bought from could have taken it somewhere and gotten it repainted and refurbished. that makes it worth less, but it looks mazing. if i had a guitar like that i would never sell it. thats a great buy.

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Come on guys,


it is the real deal.


pancake body, 3-piece maple neck and fretboard, correct pots, correct bridge, correct headstock shape etc.


This is the real deal, its a late seventies version of the Les Paul Custom Special (the early ones don't have a stamped serialnumber, but a sticker)

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Very unlikely thats fake... the electronics not only look like Gibson parts, but it would make no sense to use that high of quality electronics in a fake...


You can see the metal-braided leads with pots that have engraved serial numbers on them... That's a GIBSON my friends...

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