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Aj-500re battery tray missing


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Bought a new aj-500re from guitar center.


It didn't come with a manual, so it took me a while to figure out there seems to be a little battery tray missing from the battery compartment in the ensonic2. I only realized this after seeing a video on the ensonic website that had a brief clip showing the battery tray being inserted.


Is there any way to obtain this battery tray piece by mail? The GC is a few hours away and on the phone the manager wasn't too helpful or promising of solving this problem.


Secondly, will putting Daddario medium gauge strings on this guitar void the warranty or cause problems later? I just put these strings on (GC gave me these strings when I bought the guitar) so I assumed they were the same strings that came on the guitar when I bought it. However, I believe now the original strings were light gauge, though the colored string balls were colored, so I do think the originals were Daddario. The guitar actually works and sounds better now with these medium gauge strings. With the light gauge strings (the original strings) the guitar had lots of buzzing, though with the medium gauge strings the buzzing has ceased.


My main concern is getting a battery tray so I can use the ensonic.



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