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Epiphone service center Northern California?

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Does any one know an Epiphone authorized service center in California Bay Area, preferably near Oakland or San Jose?


I just purchased a 50th Anniversary 1961 Casino (#501 out of 1961) from an authorized online dealer. Guitar came in with deep sctraches on both pickup covers. I didn't think it as a big deal since those can be replaced easily. However, when I did string change, I found out the tailpiece was defective as well. The attachment metel piece has four holes for screws. These holes are supposed to have countersinks for screws to sit flat. But the countersinks are actually on the other side of the metal, facing wood. The factory must have stamped countersink correctly but put it in tool for forming up-side-down somehow.


I figured getting an exchange from online dealer would take another couple of weeks, so I emailed Gibson Customer Services. They replied promptly and suggest finding an authorized service center. Unfortunately, I can't find service center list on their website...


Below is reply from Gibson Customer Service by email.

I am sorry to hear there was a problem with your new Epiphone. You might want to contact your dealer about arranging an exchange. As the original owner of an instrument purchased from an authorized dealer, you could take the instrument to an authorized warranty service center with a copy of your receipt to have the instrument evaluated under the warranty. We have a list of authorized warrany service centers on our website. If the authorized warranty service center finds an issue which should be covered by warranty, they can take care of that problem for you in the majority of cases. If they found a warranty issue they could not handle in their shop, they would recommend that you call Customer Service at 1-800-444-2766 to request that an RMA be set-up to authorize you to ship the instrument and a copy of the receipt back to the division of Gibson it came from. Thanks.


Best regards,


Gibson Customer Service


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This is all I could find. Hope it helps.




Good luck gettin your guitar fixed, man.


Thanks a lot, 20_Gauge! I see one right to the south of San Jose. Hopefully they can help fix the problem. Otherwise, I'll have to wait for an replacement next year...


King Amplification

16905 Roberts Road

Los Gatos , California 95032

Phone: 408-402-5823

Email: val@kingamplification.com


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