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Incoming Amp...emery microbaby


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It has been a long time since I posted here...anyway, I thought I would share this buy....


Got one of these 1 to 2 watt hand-wired works of art coming in. Not new. Bought it used. Got a killer deal on it. The seller also is sending me a bunch of tubes. I will list those in a second. I am pretty excited. here is a link to Emery's site.


the Microbaby... ultra-lo power, ultra BIG tone! 1-2 watts


This is to replace my Tiny Terror, which I sold. My main amp is a 25 watt Phaez Corona, basically a blackface style amp. The Emery is for late night playing.





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Here is the list of tubes that he also sending. The amp can take a variety of power tubes (1), a rectifier (1) and a preamp (1). Man, am I going to have some fun switching these babies around.



Preamp- Realistic branded 7025, Tungsol (not vintage) 12AX7, RCA 6201, Phillips ECG JAN 12AT7WC, Sylvania 5965, Made for HP by E?A 5963, GE 5814A;


Rectifier- US Navy CNU EC 6X5GT, RCA 6AX6GT, GE 6X5GT_EZ35;


Power- JAN-CG 6Y6GT, Ken-Rad 6G6G, RCA JAN CRC-6G6G VT-198-A, National Union JAN CRC-6G6G VT-198-A, Motorola 6K6GT, Tungsol (new manufacture) 6V6GT, THD Yellow Jacket adapter, Groove Tubes (Fender) EL84 (Made by Sovtek), JJ EL84, Electro Harmonix EL84

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