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Damaged one of my amps?

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Hi folks.

Merry Christmas first off.

I discovered that one of my amps was left on for 3 days. My stuff is in a building separate from the house so didn't notice.

My wife went into the building yesterday and heard a loud constant hum. I checked it out and yup, loud and disturbing.

I'm guessing tube damage. Anyone else been this stupid before?

How do I tell which tubes are done? I know, I should know this stuff already but I don't mess around with my amps and never had any difficulty before. At least it isn't my Marshall, which I intend to use today with my new original Cry Baby Wah.

Have a fantastic day everyone.



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You can get a pencil with an eraser on it and tap each tube lightly with the eraser end of the pencil and see if the amp makes a noise or makes the hum worse or better when you tap any of the tubes. If so, then that particular tube is probably the one that's giving you trouble. Then you can start by replacing that tube and see if that solves the problem.



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I think Moishe has a good point on the amp.


Other possibilities: Is there an instrument cord possibly getting some crossover so it's actually giving input to the amp? What's the polarity and does switching the polarity switch drop the hum? Also is the building well-grounded because even a ss amp can hum mightily if not.



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It was connected to a speaker, right? So it had a full load?


If so, probably a tube.


It is a combo and was under full load with a piano plugged into it. The place is well grounded and that amp never made any unwanted noise before.

I'll try the pencil trick as well as getting a real good physical look too.

Thank everyone for your responses.



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