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I'd love to have that white one. That will probably be my next Les Paul. I want a silverburst but the one I want is different from yours. I want the custom shop silverburst like Adam Jones from TOOL has and I believe Mastodon uses. Those just cost too much for me!!


I wanted the white Les Paul Studio but it was always out of stock every time I went and tried to find one! So, I got a Cherry wine and the white one is now $999 so it's even cheaper! I also have the 2011 faded brown studio. Don't have a standard quite yet. I want one, but the studio's sound so good and they are light. I can't imagine the Standard really being that much better. Even if they are, not sure the price difference kinda better!


I started to get that SilverBurst like you have there also but it just didn't do it for me like the Custom Shop one. The white one is nice though!


Have you thought about putting Chrome EMG 81X's in there? Those would look awesome and the EMG x series just have blown my mind. EMG's answer to the Seymour Duncan Blackouts. And they did a good job. I have both regular EMG's and EMG x's in some of my guitars.


Just ordered me a EMG 81X Chrome for my Gibson Les Paul Faded brown since it has chrome hardware. Heres a link, check them out!! If you aren't satisfied with the regular EMG's consider putting EMG X's in the one you do have EMG's in. It's a big difference. Not a little difference. Everyone has their opinion online but the things are nothing short of amazing. I play in Drop C and the chords just ring out so beautifully. A power chord sounds so powerful and the clarity is just beyond what you'd imagine it could even be. They have came a lot way since the regular EMG 81!


Heres a pic of the Chrome! Man it would look and sound awesome in that white guitar!



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