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I'm completing my pedal rig and wanted to get folks opinion on what to do for signal loss. Where I need help is this, should I use a boost pedal or go low impedance? The scenarios I've looked at suggest the following:


1. Boost pedal in front

2. Boost pedal in back

3. Boost pedal in front and back

4. Low impedence to the board, switch back to hi impedence at the front of board, and then back to low impedence at the back of the board, switch back to hi impedence at the amp


A little info on my rig, Firebird to Shure Wireless to pedal board to Carr Rambler 112 combo amp. I'm already using lots of true bypass gear and high quality cables (10 to 20 feet between wireless receiver and pedals, and 20-25 feet between pedals and amp).


Please give me your thoughts on whether a booster or low imp is the way to go, and gear recommendations would be appreciated.



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