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Merry Christmas all,


as promised, here is my sons EPI ES339 PRO. I took a couple of pics(sorry for the picture quality)of the guitar.The finish was wonderful and

overall it is a nice package. Wilkerson tulip tuners work well and guitar stays in tune. Action was a tad high but no big deal. I will have the guitar set up

and that will bethat. First impressions on the Probucker pickups is that they sound really nice. Clear and not muddy. This guitar has a really awesome acoustic

quiality to it that my Gibson midtown doesn't have nor my Epi Sheraton has.I can only attribute that to the pickups.




The Coil tapping works well and the pickups sound like single coils but not really like strat pickups.


The guitar is comfortable and I am having a hard time putting it down.


Will post more comments when my sone gives me some feedback of his own....

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Not sure if I would describe the single coils as Tele-ish, I think more of a subdued

Probucker tone. But you can get in the fender territory. But what really grabs me about this guitar are its acoustic qualities. the Probucker pickups can get super clean in an acoustic way and turn up the volume will satisfy the Burstbucker lover. I am looking forward to hearing my son play it in Church on Sunday through his Fender Deville. [-o<


Also, I like the tone and volume knobs as well as the pots they are using. real real smooth

when you turn up the volume or adjust the tone settings..... [thumbup][thumbup]

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I was at my local GC today for some stuff and there was a guy with a Pelham Blue Epi 339 in his hands and a "Oh My God!" look on his face. I could see why, that guitar is just a stunner in person. If I didn't already have a Gibby 339, it would be on my list. BTW, 20 minutes later their tech was setting it up so I'm guessing it's got a new home!

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