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Vox Custom Classic AC30CC2 30w 2x12


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Ok.. this is the latest amp that I might want to get and from what I hear from playing around with the Vox headphone amp I love the sound of the AC30. SO any thoughts on it?? Does anyone have one and what are your experiences..



Thanks in advance.


Jeff O:)

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I have the Vox Custom Classic AC15CC1 15w 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp.. The AC30 may be better known but lets not forget the AC30 was based on the classic 1962 AC15. They just doubled the stuff that gave the 15 that much sought after sound. And don't let the 15w part fool you. This is a big sounding amp. I have the least expensive version and for $600 bucks it is worth every penny. You could get it with the Celestron Blue speaker for another $400. If your using a PA with your sound do you really need the 30W. The breaking point on the 15W is much lower so you can get that classic British crunch at much lower volume levels and thus not render your small venue crowd def. I will say this amp. doesn't have all the bells and whistles as many new amps. but for me thats all the more reason to get one.


Oh i just noticed you also have Line6 Spider III. I have one of those too. I love it too for different reasons. The Vox can't get some modern sounds so in the rare situation that I might want to play something from the last couple decades I use the Line 6. Also since the Line six does a decent job of emulation my son loves to go to his favorite ZZ Top song or Eric Claypton and jam away.

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I have the AC30 custom classic 2x12... what can I say... I'm in love with that bastard... it sounds son nice... the cleans are heavenly... specially with single coils (havent tried it with p90s but will soon).


The amp can break up easily with humbuckers but you wont get to do that with single coils, for heavier stuff expect to use a pedal, after testing it with a lot of pedals (more than 30 dist/OD pedals) I am currently using a VOX BullDog distortion and it works fine (dual channel, tube pedal, goes from mlid od to high gain dist).


The reverb: its ok... I find it usable... some people hate it as it seems to go on and on... you'll have to get used to it and learn how to set it up correctly (high and low gain switch for it).


The tremolo: great... I dont use it much, but it is good. You can have a slight effect out of it but you can set it up to sound like the amp is being turned on and off repeatedly as well.


Both channles are very nice, for dist pedals I preffer the "normal" channel, less things to worry about (just one knob and one switch... it doesnt get easier than that, man...). The "top boost" channel is great too, but the EQ works in a weird way: you can set it up to work as "trebble" and "bass" only, or to work as an active circuit that will increase hi-mids when you turn down the highs, and increase low-mids as you take out lows... takes time to get acostumed to... but it is a nice sounding amp, very well built and easy to use.


If you plan on buying the X version (cc2X) you can save a little by buying the cc2 version and the speakers separately (if you KNOW you can install them), you save 100 and keep a pair of spare speakers you can use on a cab.


A nicer option for speaker replacement for the AC30 is the Eminence Red Fang speaker.



...oh... BTW... here are some pics with a lester (just so othat your GAS increases a little, let's see how much you can take:-" ...and dont ask about the purple wall)







oh... and in case you are one of those people (fans of "him")... look what's behind him here... (he plays them from time to time ... for some "oddball sounds" as he says...)



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