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I Have Crossed Over.


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That's what I was thinking. Cross over to the Tele!


I've always wondered.. How do they get the truss rod in a solid maple neck? Mine looks like one solid piece of maple as well.


The Skunk Stripe on the back!


I agree with y'all, I am a huge fan of the H/S/S on a Strat. I personally hate the S/S/S configuration and do not use the first position with the S/S/S setups. Now with the humbucker you have the humbucking tone and in the second position you have the out of phase tone that's to die for and my favorite of most of the tone possibilities on similarly equipped guitars. Lets not forget about that wonderful maple fretboard.


Nice guitar Axe


I agree completely. Nothing holds a candle to the Strat's middle position, as far as I'm concerned. The quack combined with the natural trippy out-of-phase sound is sexy as all hell (especially with fuzz).

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To accommodate the truss rod in the one piece necks Fender routed out a pocket in the back of the neck necessitating the need for the "skunk stripe" that was generally mahogany or some darker wood just for aesthetics sake.A lot of times the maple necks weren't one piece at all but regular maple necks with a maple cap added in the same manner as Rosewood necks.

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