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Anybody else got it? I got the deluxe edition today and have to say' date=' it's pretty good! Not as good as back in black (imo) as some people have been comparing it to though.[/quote']


i have the white version...


mmm there aren't the old bautiful riffs and solos... =(

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i bought it monday. and i dont really care for it. i think the songs are kinda slow and boring. and the drums, while never stellar, are so plain and generic- like they had Paul Rudd play it once and then dubbed it onto every track. an i know that ACDC songs sound the same, but the songs on this album REALLY sound the same to me.


and the lyrics, particularly the choruses, are bad- both in the lyrical content and the phrasing. for example, in Rock n roll Train:


Ride on train. Runnin' right off the track.


they way they stretched the backing part....just doesnt work for me. as if they just got lazy and said, eff it we got nothin'. i did read that this is the first album Brian Johnson wrote the lyrics for since before The Razor's Edge. perhaps that's the cause....maybe he's just rusty.


overall, im glad ACDC is back....they stayed true to their formula of straight up blues rock, something that is missing from today's music scene. too many Nickelbacks and Fallout Boys. and i am totally excited to see them November 3 in Indianapolis- i've seen them twice before and they rock live.

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I don't know why people have to compare it to Back in Black. Maybe it's just a marketing strategy...

Anyways' date=' I've got all their CDs and this one is OK. There are no smash singles that will rock the world, but a good album overall.[/quote']


i have all CDs, some vynils too=p~


owned ^^

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