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Ultra 339"s USB System


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Welcome to the forums.


Setting up the new Ultra USB connections is fairly easy if taken step by step. I am assuming you are using Windows. This is mostly explained in the booklet, but I'll try to describe the same steps here.


Step 1: Download ASIO4ALL. Google it and you will come up with the installer. This is the USB Audio driver needed for your PC to recognize the guitar as an audio device.

Step 2: Install ASIO4ALL using the default options.

Step 3: Download your free copy of Guitar Rig LE from the Gibson website. I am not clear on how this is done since I use Linux myself, but hopefully you can get your copy downloaded.

Step 4: Install Guitar Rig LE using the default options.

Step 5: Run Guitar Rig LE.

Step 6: Somewhere in the menus you will find an option called "Audio and MIDI Settings". Click it. A new window will come up.

Step 7: Set your driver to "ASIO" and your device to "ASIO4ALL v2" as shown in the images that Epiphone provides. Sample rate should remain at 44100.

Step 8: Click on the "ASIO Config" button. Another window will come up, called "ASIO2ALL v2.10" followed by some other stuff.

Step 9: Enable the "USB PnP Audio Device" and click the jaw wrench symbol for more options.

Step 10: Set your buffer size. Unfortunately nobody can tell you what buffer size you need to use, as it is specific to your hardware. Epiphone suggests that you start at 64. If it doesn't sound right, keep increasing until it does.

Step 11: Repeat Step 10 for your PC sound card, usually called something like "HDA" (High Definition Audio) in windows.

Step 12: Check your Routing tab. Inputs should list your "USB PnP" device, and outputs your "HDA" device.


Unless something went terribly wrong, you should be good to go. I hope this helped you understand the images a bit better.

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