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Please help me ID this model EPi LP!


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So I bought this Epiphone from a friend who said it was a Les Paul. It looks in every like a LP, with a couple exceptions.


No "Les Paul" signature on the headstock

It has "Gibson" on the truss rod plate


I know from the serial number it is Korean made, but not much else.


Any suggestions?


By the way I really like it, for an intermediate electric guitarist like myself it very much fits the bill. I am just very very curious on what the model is and whether it is an imitation or "phony" make.


Here are some pictures.....






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Thanks so much for the quick replies! I'm relieved to hear that it is indeed a LP. Weird that it lacks the signature as that would be pretty cool...As I said though I really like this guitar a lot and now, thanks to you guys, I know exactly what it is!


Ok ok, I will cut the strings! My girlfriend is constantly telling me that as well. She thought it was funny that it came up.

Thanks again.

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