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PR5 E Epi

Greg Jackson

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I have one.


I agree it's a nice guitar - and has almost the sorta size/feel as my favorite electric, the 175...


Mine is fingerpicked only, and wears very light strings. Run through the PA board at a benefit I did as the first "out in public" playing of the instrument, I was a bit concerned about how it'd sound. A Brit video crew that has done some music videos in the UK said it sounded even better than a couple of early Gibsons.


To me it's a great bang for the buck. I don't think it's quite what you'd want for some kinds of music, such as bluegrass or even flatpicking for country or folkie stuff, but... again, gently fingerpicked with my 9-42 DR Zebra strings, it's nice regardless of what I play on it.



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