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SG identification and rebuilding help


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Hello, a friend of mine just gave me his SG that has been hanging on his wall for 20 years. As you can see by the photos, it needs a lot of work. Problem is, I don't really know anything about SGs.


Can anyone help me identify the parts I would need to make this thing sing again? The serial number (8996xx) tells me this is maybe a 1968 SG Jr in a walnut color?



The nut

nut for the truss rod



Original tuners but I am fine with the ones that are on it now (if they work correctly)

Electronics (no clue if they work).


Seems this came with a tremelo but I would rather just use a stoptail type bridge.


Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!










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Certainly appears to be a late 60s or early 70s SG Jr. Most if not all the missing parts can be purchased from Stewmac including the TR nut, bridge, wiring, etc. I would try to find the missing parts for the tremolo on eBay - missing top plate and handle and not put a stop tailpiece on it. Looks like it uses a single P-90 pickup which Stewmac does not carry, so eBay is your best bet there. Try to find an original PU, but a new Gibson P-90- is also a great PU too. Tuners look fine. Should be a fun project.

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