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What is the age of my Les Paul Classic ?


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I'm French so please excuse my english...


I own a GIBSON LES PAUL CLASSIC and I want to know the year of manufacture.

The serial number is 021880


I know that the serial numbers on the LES PAUL got 8 figures. Why my les paul classic got only 6 ???


Thanks for your answers



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Salut, alexenico.


The '1960 Classic' series has a different numbering system compared to the usual Les Paul range.


The first digit(s) tells the year of manufacture and the rest is the production number.


Instruments made in 1989 were 9 XXX where the 9 meant 1989 followed by the three numbers of the serial number.

Instruments made in the 'nineties were in the form Y XXXX where Y was from 0 (1990) to 9 (1999).

Those made in the 2000's were 0Y XXXX and the same system of individual year numbering was retained.


From this you can see that your guitar is instrument number 1880 from the 2002 production.



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