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The tuners are taking a hell of a lot longer to ship than I expected. Oh well, I don't care because this thing is STUNNING! I also don't care how long they take to get here, considering I got an amazing deal for a set of Gotohs.



Basically, I've been building this since before I was on this board. I started with a trash picked body with a date stamped in the neck pocket that said "MAY 1984" It was originally black, but I stripped the remaining topcoat of finish off to leave the clear coat of poly with all of the original scars still in tact. Then I came across the neck on eBay. A Fender rep told me via email that it was an FSR from 1997 or 1999 based on specs and parts of the SN that were in tact. (It was de-logo'd and most of the finish gone) I already had the pickguard, so I used it, even though I ordered a mint green one. It just didn't look as good as I thought it would. The pickups are alnico 5's and I payed $50 for them. I bought the bridge as a whole kit and it costed $75. I spent a bit more on a higher end bridge because of how many I've broken on my old Strat (long gone) I was sure to buy a big block as well. Over all, I loved this build. It was a decent amount of hard work and my first time doing any sort of wiring on a guitar. Just post your thoughts. Pics below.






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