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Oh yes indeed...be sure before you buy !!


Choices of Reverse and Non-Reverse body


Mini H/B or P90...


Seymour P/U alternatives if desired... (they are excellent)


Some great players to peruse


Personal opinion...get one for the hell of it...but don't think in terms of the 'perfect' guitar


Works well as part of a collection.... [thumbup]





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Firebirds in general are in a relatively niche market, made in small production runs....


So not in continuous stock like typical LP's, SG's, 335's etc


There have been some Non-Reverse issues lately with P90's


And some very expensive Reverse/Vibrola re-issues but not the Red 3 P/U one.....


Worth an internet search to see what may be held in stock locally....





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I've got that same guitar...an '05 Firebird VII in Cherry...bought it used in '06.

It's become my favorite gtr in my 30 something collection, and I've got 3 other 'Birds in it...a '90 V, a '91 V set up for slide, and an '07 V Flame maple.

I felt that the stock Gibson 3 pup wiring limited it, so I did some re-wiring, which really made it more versatile...I removed the middle pup from the selector switch, wired it to one of the Tone pots as a Volume right to the out jack, and made the other Tone pot the master Tone control...now any pup combo can be had.

I lusted after a VII for years, and I finally got one.

I will NEVER sell this guitar, unless I'm unable to play any longer.

It's a Strat meets SG on steroids...sustain for days, warm, twangy, and it can just scream too!

It's a keeper!

Keep looking around the web...they're out there...you'll find one!

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