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Montana Acoustics Plek'd?

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From the folks at Fuller's. Are all Bozeman acoustics plecked as a matter of course these days? If so, when did they add this to the build process?

If they are, this would be recent news. There was no Plek machine there last summer.


-- Bob

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Just the left-handed ones are. [laugh]


Maybe. Leaves you wrong-handed folks out, huh?


I was talking with Gary at Fuller's and mentioned how great the factory setup is on the new H'Bird and he said they are pleking them now. Seriously?! Yes indeed, says he. Now Gary has been pulling my leg for many, many years now about a lot of things, but he seemed genuine on this one. Just looking to sort out fact from fiction from another source. Jeremy?

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Gibson has talked about it but there is no Plek machine at Bozeman and probably won't be for the future. It probably wouldn't work all that well for Montana guitars.



Well, then -- I guess Gary @ Fuller's must have a long nose..... :^o


Always the joker, that Gary. In any event, the H'Bird is still fine as frog hair!

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I thought they were only pleking the custom shop electrics


Right now we advertise that we Plek the Les Paul Standard and the Les Paul Traditional, but we're Pleking a lot of other guitars and just not mentioning it," says supervisor McGee. "With two more machines coming, by year-end we'll be running everything through the Plek machines


From this web page




and video





Madman Greg

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