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NPD - Klon Clone


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Yesterday i got probably the best dirt pedal i´ve ever had, and i had a lot.


It´s a Klon Clone made by a guy here in Germany.


Amazing in sound, how it´s build and look.


Works unbelievable great with my AC30 C2.


Played it yesterday with my Classic Player Jazzmaster and i was so blown away by the sound that i just kicked off my TS-9, OD-808 and Mucho Boosto off my pedalboard....


Now it´s just my pitchblack tuner, the Klon and my Carbon Copy delay. Looks like i don´t need more. I use the reverb and tremolo of the AC30... [thumbup]





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the sound of the pedal is very unique and gives me that "60´s feeling" when i hear me playing with it...don´t know how to describe it, but it´s very very nice...magic?!

I was only reading today an interview with Chris Cheney of The Living End (Oz band) saying that the producer of their latest album bought a bunch of Klons to the sessions, and how he's not much of a pedal guy but those things just blew him away.


If you don't mind me asking, how much are the Klon clones going for ???

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