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EJ 200CE - eSonic2 problem


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Hello, my name is Daniel, I am Brazilian, so excuse my bad English.


I bought an EJ 200CE are only 2 months, and my eSonic2 does not turn. when you press the button it just flashes a red light and nothing else happens.


Has anyone had the same problem? How did you solve? Thank you!


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Daniel, if the paper indicating polarity is gone (it gets rubbed when removing the batt. cover), you can try facing both batts first outward then inward to cover the possibility of a wiring mistake. I think pos. faces neck side. There are blade connectors easily seen from the soundhole you can check for good contact with a gentle wiggle. Epi customer service has gone above and beyond the few times I have needed them. One thing I would not advise is rubbing salt in the wound, it never helps...


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