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NGDay..... out the door already.....


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..... & down the block to my Luthier.

My black Xaviere XV-560 Thinline arrived today. Incredible value at the $176 I paid for it on their Clearance site. Very good pickups/wood/finish, cheap hardware. I just dropped it off at my local "Master Guitar Builder/Luthier" (doesn't everyone have one down the block from them?), who will be giving it a grind & polish, cutting a bone nut, replacing the tuners with a set of Grover Imperials my brother had lying around (will nicely compliment the Art Deco stepped headstock), a Pigtail aluminum wraparound tailpiece/studs that I had on a Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Special I recently sold, a Gotoh bridge/studs I picked up at Stew-Mac, & a set of Art Deco chrome knobs I found on Ebay. The whole thing, with the original purchase price, should wind up costing me about $500..... these guitars make a great base upon which to build a relatively high quality, personalized, customized instrument for very little money.

If this project turns out to my satisfaction, I will be repeating this process soon with an Xaviere XV-600.

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