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Hey everyone!


I wanted to make a post about something new that's been added to the Gibson Lifestyle site that I think has a whole lot of potential. I don't know who has noticed the recent changes to our downloads section, but there's been some overhauling over the last couple of months. The official downloads section (now titled "Free Music" in the Lifestyle navigation) is definitely worth checking out. However an even more recent addition to the family of download sections is the newest feature area labeled "Extras" in the navigation.


Now, it's just getting up and running, but some of the things you might expect to see in this section are things like operating system widgets, theme wallpapers, and other things of the like. There's been a handful of wallpapers added, but that's only the beginning. I wanted to get some feedback to see what everyone thought of the page, but also to spread the word that there's more coming. You can help too, if you can think of a particular guitar you'd like to see as a wallpaper, or other Gibson themed extra, feel free to lay it down right here! With more ideas comes more content, and as far as I'm concerned this new downloads page can't have enough stuff on it. The more the merrier.


So let me know what you think, and of course, suggest away!



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Cool Mike' date=' Hopefully we can see some more wallpaper. Can we get a Cherry 335?


I am going to be buying one this week.[/quote']


And can we also have the Gibson Slash Sig.. the 2004 Custom Shop version.


Regards and Thanks!



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Is it me or when you go to this page and click on the any of the links at the top do you get sent to the spanish language version?





About every 3rd time I come to this site its in Spanish sometimes I just refresh somtime I have

to close down and start new.

I asked this question several months ago and never got a response.

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so... this isn't the Mike@Gibson' date=' is it?


I'm assuming there's more than one Mike working for Gibson...




Actually there are a few Mikes that work here at the Corporate Offices, so this isn't Mike@Gibson, to answer your question.


And thanks for the quick responses, like I said any and all suggestions for material that could fill out the Extras page is always encouraged. We're eager to get the Extras page built into something big, a hearty repository of fun little extras that people can just play around with. Like I said before, there can't be too much on the page, the more the merrier.

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Like I said before' date=' there can't be too much on the page, the more the merrier. [/quote']


Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!


sweet idea for the Extras page... check this...




you know, free classic rock tunes streamed to the site... you can stick in virtual quarters...

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