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Is changing out a pickup's magnets a fairly easy job to achieve tonal nirvana?? OR - is it a total waste of time?? I've tried googling for photos or diagrams of the ceramic pup that is in our 'birds' but can't seem to find any. Anybody know where I can find any of these pics? Has anyone done this procedure successfully or is there more to it than that???

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I've got an '08 ish V and love the standard P/U's


I've also got a Tokai single P/U 'bird which is upgraded with a Duncan SM-2 (4 connector)


That works for me very well...SD has about 3 options and shows flair as always in what he offers....





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Generally, changing JUST the magnets is not advised, unless you already have pickup building experience. YMMV.


Changing out entire pickups yourself is not advised unless you know what a "cold joint" is and how to avoid it when soldering.

Very often, your Friendly Local Guitar Store has a tech who can do the change-out for not too much $$$. I would get a quote.

The tech might also be able to suggest particular replacement pickups to suit your needs, based on the experience of prior customers.

Be sure to save the old pickups to reinstall if you sell the guitar.


All this discouragement aside, what you do with your guitar is ultimately up to you. Good luck in your quest for the perfect tone!

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