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Finally! A way to install a Bigsby without drilling holes!


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Guys, forgive me if you already know about this, but I've always wanted an ES-335 with Bigsby, but can't afford any models that would have it nor would I want to drill holes on the face of a 2K+ guitar to install one myself -- but, I stumbled across this today.


This company also sells just the adapter plate without the Bigsby if you want for a $100 less. And they have it for other models, so check out their store too.




Also, if any of you have used one of these, please report.





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I've seen it. Don't know if it works. There is a much much better system, but you will have to depend on someone who remembers its name. I wouldn't want my strap pin under such pressure as normal Bigsby has 4 small end screws around the pin. That other one I mentioned is definantly worth a look and is cheaper. You will need a bigger strap pin either way. Saw it in Premier Guitar mag.




Now the important stuff: Is that MacDonald & Giles in your avator?! I thought I was the only person alive who knew of that album. I still hold the original LP!


Look for that other plate system before you buy. I put a Bigsby on a 335 of mine last year. Sweated, but all went perfect and I will never remove it.



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I'll look for that other system you're referring to - hopefully someone here will think of the name. What I thought was really cool about this adapter is that utilizes the stop-tailpiece lugs to anchor it down...


Yes, that is M & G - both front and back when you open the double fold album cover, and I too have the original LP -- I sought that album after hearing the song from there, "Is She Waiting"


Cool that you recognized it


take care,



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