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Tributes still being produced?


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I emailed Gibson but no reply....the 60's tribute model les pauls ( regular and darkback ), does anyone know if they have stopped production? Would like to get a Goldtop version with the p-90's but seems as they are hard to get.

Right now all the tributes are being slowly reintroduced they just posted the SG P90's with a Maple Board

So I would say within the next few months...

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I know many people who really want the 2010 Studio '50's Tribute P90 version...I have one, and I understand why they sold out so fast. It is a fine guitar at a realistic price, and I have no doubt Gibson could sell them-along with the humbucker versions-by the truckload if they were introduced.


I really enjoy my Honeyburst '50's Trib...I am hoping Gibson is wise enough to make it a regular item rather than a limited run.




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