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How do you play that Skylark, with the controls that close to the strings and bridge I would be beating the heck out of them all the time. I do like the look of that guitar; can't go wrong with natural wood with only stain and no paint. Very nice.


Thanks Guitarest, but what you mention is actually a slight design error that I haven't corrected yet.


I built the guitar based on a picture and entirely forgot to compensate for the knobs. What I will have to do is remove the pickguard and reroute the electronic channel, about 1/2" or so wider. Then recut the pickguard and done.


It'll be a simple fix and as far as I know I wouldn't have an issue with the finish chipping, since its a very thin oil finish.


I wanted the knobs close to the bridge so that I could turn it with my pinky as I was playing for a volume swell effect, but not that close.


They don't affect me while playing but the volume control barely scrapes the bridge so it will have to be altered to correct that.



Searcy: its not a lapsteel, but it was built particularly to be used for slide, so it has a higher action.

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I dont have many (most were for Christmas) but I'm trying for more,maybe in a few months.I really want a USA made PRS Santana or a 3 PU Gibson les paul

These I bought for myself for Christmas. A 1978 Gibson L-6s and a new PRS Santana SE.


My Melody Maker in the new explorer shape.It has a single Seymour Duncan humbucker that will rip the roof off the joint.I just happened to pick it up and play it while I was waiting for them to set up a ESP I wanted to try.This so called cheap MM is a monster!!!



And still have my old standbuy the OLP.


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A pail of 1930's KayKraft guitars



1989 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentlemen



2009 Gibson Raw Power all Maple Les Paul Studio



1964 Gibson Melody Maker DC



2008 Gibson Faded SG Special



2005 Gibson Faded Les Paul Special



Two pickup tester guitars.



Alvarez 12 string Jumbo




My grandmothers 1968 Alverez classical that she used to string with steel string and use as a lap steel.

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