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Slimmest Les Paul Neck


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Well, of all the LP's I've ever owned, or played, my '76 LP Deluxe, has (by far) the

"slimmest" neck! Width is standard LP width, but the thickness, especially at the nut,

is probably as thin as my Ric-12-string. Everyone that plays it, comments on it, in

that regard. So, if you can manage the "Don't hate me, because I'm 'Norlin'"(era), you might be able

to find one, for a "reasonable" price? The necks, back then, were 3-piece (length wise)

maple, as well. So, they're plenty strong! [smile]


Oh, and the Mini-humbuckers, are awesome!! [thumbup]



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It's hardly conclusive proof, but in my experience the very early '1960 Classic' models have the slimmest necks.


I have three '60s neck-profile' LP's. Two are absolutely identical in thickness (to two decimal places; I've checked with a digital caliper-gauge !) all up the neck but my 1991 Classic is much slimmer than these other two which both date from 1995.



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Also its worth trying an asymmetrical neck if you can find one.. They are on the 2008 Standard and very few others.. Im very used to the 60s slim necks and the asymmetrical one is just as good to me...


But its down to personal taste in the end.. The best thing to is look for 60s /asymmetrical necks and see what best suits yoru hands :)

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