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My first Les Paul Standard (Pic's)


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So I recently bought a Gibson Les Paul 2010 Limited, but I previously already had a 1990 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Cherry Sunburst with a very subtle flame-top finish by the Gibson Custom Shop.

No matter what I did I couldn't accurately photograph the finish, until I recently got a new digital camera.

Having managed to achieve good results from my 2010 Limited, I thought I'd give it a go on this one as well and it's worked a treat.

The flame is clear but still subtle.

Every other photo' I've taken of it wouldn't pick it up at all, it just looked like a 'sunburst'.


Hope you like it.

(Sorry about the lining; If you are of a nervous disposition, you may want to look away now....



















It's been set up and re-fretted three times.

I've had the nut replaced with one that was hand-carved from an old piano key.


Other than that (and some finger-prints), it's as I got it.

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Cheers guys.


Took two years of looking in guitar dealers every weekend all over Southern U.K. to find it.

Then some fine tuning by Chandlers in Kew to get it set up perfectly.

Had lots of offers for it since (one was almost five times what I paid) but always declined.

Never parted with an instrument and this is my first LP.., I couldn't bring myself to.






I play kinda heavy and I don't want to trash the guitar finish but I'm not sure about that scratchplate.

Any thoughts?

I haven't changed much of the guitar but I was wondering about maybe going black and changing the PUP mounts to match.




What's a "CSB" finish?


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Thanks guys.

Appreciate the positive feedback.


I almost missed it altogether.

The dealer didn't have it on display as the trend was for thin necks and this had one of the old deep neck profiles.

I tried five others in the shop ('store') and was about to leave when he mentioned this almost as an after thought.

After I'd bought it, the dealer mentioned that he knew it was one of a pair that were imported to the U.K. at the time.

I wasn't really concerned then but now I'd quite like to know what happened to the other one.


Anyone have thoughts on my comments about the scratch plate?

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It is beautiful.


If you play it, you will wear it. Fact of life.


So, if you put wear on it, it will obviously take some value off it. So if you intend on keeping it to sell, changing parts or removing the gaurd will only decrease the value.


But you have already changed the frets. So, something tells me you got this thing to play. So, if THAT is the reason for having it, you are only selling your investment short by not using it the way you want.




That seems to be what you want. Me, I ADDED a gaurd and that meant drilling holes-because that is what I wanted.

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