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Sweet '64 Southern Jumbo


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True but thats my point. An SJ should be round shoulders. To me, square shoulders don't look right except for the H-bird.


Or the Dove....


But I agree with you 100%. Those square J-45's of the late 60's and 70's aren't J-45's at all in my book, no matter what the label says.

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For Em7 and other square-shouldered enthusiast....A beauty to behold.. [thumbup]

My link


Yea, I like the square shouldered a lot, especially the Southern Jumbo (both black and brown based). I find those guitars extraordinary funky – my well-kept 1963 close to the one in the link is like ragged majesty and tuned down it provides a soft sound blessed with an almost double-bass-like deep end. I love the look of the burst, the 3 point tortoise guard, the blinged fretboard, white button tuners, , , and the shoulders.

Have the feeling this was planted in me looooong ago in the early youth. An - at the same time - vague and strong memory of meeting such a guitar 100 years back spooks somewhere inside.

The guitar in the ad is in good shape. I think I've seen it before – it could have been another one like it, also on Elderly. Retro - Thanx for sharing anyway.


And keep those antipathies and dislikes rolling guys. In a way they are interesting, , , so just take it easy - won't hurt me the slightest. . . .

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