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Gibson case for Epihone 339


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My Epiphone ES339 is on it's way so I just ordered a case for it. GC has the Gibson case for ES339s ($89) but not for the the Epiphone. So I ordered the Gibson case. Is this wrong somehow? False advertising on my part? Will anyone condemn me for it?


Because of the availability and the price, I just had to get it. When I got a case for my Epi LP for $89, I noticed that cases for Gibbies were $225. So I'm thinking I got this one at a great price. Too good to pass up. Please forgive me.


Now if I had a Gibson Les Paul that didn't come with a case, I think I would get the Epiphone case for it anyway. It's a very good case at about a 1/3 of the price. Maybe even a little theft deterent too.

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You're absolutely right! I should've thought of that. ](*,) Maybe I should put one of my Epiphone bumper stickers on it?


LOL....Glad to see you have a sense of humor!


I have one Gibson case and have had a few others in the past.

Although not surprised by prices today, they still cost a pretty penny.


None the less, (paul), If you do get a chance to get one you can use at an affordable price.....

They are, from my experience, top notch cases.



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