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So, I was going to order some 10-packs of d'Addarios for the LG-1, the TVSJ, and the D-21.


The LG-1 was easy because my luthier set it up for .012" lights.


The D-21 was easy too, as Martin states the recommend string (the guitar is set-up for), which are PB Lifespan .013" mediums.


THe TVSJ, was more of a question. So, I check all the slope shoulder Gibson at gibson.com. Some models have string specs, some don't. But the ones that do all state .011" lights?!??


Really, the Gibsons dreads are set-up for .011" (I would call them extra-lights)?



Do any of you run .011" on your SJ, AJ, and J-45s? Funny thing too. I can't find any strings on gibson.com. and MF doesn't carry any Gibson PB's in .011 gauge. How can Gibson recommend .011 strings and then not offer them?


I dunno, it seems rather weird to me.

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Thanks Jeremy.


I had pretty much decided to buy the 12's in bulk (at least 10-packs) for the LG-1 and the TVSJ, just so I could hold the cost down on my everyday practice strings. I have been running the PB 12 Masterbuilt Gibsons for the last year or so. But, they are a premium string with a somewhat short bright-period, so it doesn't make sense to run through them for picking on the couch.


But, I would suggest Gibson clear up the specification pages. I know most people run the strings they like anyway, but it's meaninful for the manufacturer to state the baseline string spec, IMHO.


I would be reluctant to run 13's on a guitar that spec's 11's. Not so much from a strength point of view, but due to the action pulling a bit higher.


Do you have any thoughts on the Martin 13 spec, which seems to be pretty universal on their dreads. I guess they want the guitars plying a bit louder?

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