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Plastic Humbuckers on Gold Top


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Totally new to both this forum, and Gibsons after years of Tokais and Fenders. I have always wanted a genuine Gibson, especially after a few Epiphone models I had, and just brought a 2011 Gold Top that looks divine.

However, a few 'issues' I have that I hope you can help me with.

1) The pick guard seems to click when I touch it, like its loose, but the screws are tight......how do I rectify this?

2) The plastic humbuckers seem to be on springs, meaning I can press them down some, BUT when I do this, the screws that are holding them in place are highlighted. Do I need to screw these down OR are they supposed to be like this?

I don't want to look a moron by going back to the seller and asking basic questions on an instrument that is deemed for serious players!

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Welcome to the fold. I think you are going to discover a lot of things about that guitar and come to love it.


I think the pickups you are referring to are P-90's. If that is the case, the screws you are seeing are what you would use to adjust the height of the pup. And what you describe sounds normal.


As for the gaurd and the clicking, this is not uncommon either. It really wouldn't hurt the guitar to undo them and take the gaurd off to see how it is put on.


If it like the typical LP style bracket, you could loosen the screw and make sure the guard is all the way up toward the bridge pup, where the body is higher. If that doesn't work, you could either take the bracket off and bend it SLIGHTLY and put it back on, or get a small piece of felt and stick it on the underneath of the guard.


That is, if it actually bothers you.

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