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I suppose writing music is like writing a novel, it helps to write about what you know. This is a song I wrote last year, I'm sure some of you can relate. I may try and put it online but until then try it with a blues rhythm in 4/4. :o)

Menopause Blues

E G#

They call it menopause, yeah it's the change of life

A Gdim

Makes me wonder what happened to my wife

E C#7

She's sweatin' down to her shoes

F# B7

She's got the menopause blues

E G#

Hot flashes and a... change of mood

A Gdim

Didn't know my baby could ...be so rude

E C#7

I finally got the news

F# B7 E / E7

She's got the menopause blues


A7 Gdim

Well we were... gettin' older and the... kids were grown

E E7

I thought I'd earned some luck


now all she does is ***** and moan and I'm


sleeping in my pick-up truck!

Now if we argue... she'll always win

Makes me wish that I was ...born a twin

I'm feelin' so misused

I got the menopause blues


She turns the AC on when she gets hot

and then the rest of us freeze

She turns the heat on when she gets a chill

baby, pick a temperature PLEASE!

One of these days she's gonna finish changin'

And then my life she'll stop re-arrangin'

Till then I got nothin' to lose

She's got the menopause blues

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Hilarious, have you recorded this hit tune?


I figured some of us "Advanced Members" could relate. In fairness to my bride, this isn't about her. Though she has beensuffering with this for a few years now she is still the most pleasant woman I've ever known..... even when she's fire engine red and sweating bullets! I'll try to record and post the tune.

I have a Tascam 2488 neo but the learning curve is steeper than I anticipated. I may have to read the manual.[cursing]


Until then I'd love to hear some of the board member's renditions.



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