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What is the difference between linear and non-linear pots?


from my experience with them Linear's sweep isn't very good its either 0 or 10 (on or off) Audio Tapers is what i use for both volume and tone pots with better sweep and performance IMO


CTS are the best IMO

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Yup..........That should do it for needed info........There's tons of online info as well............( if you really need to know the science of it all ).........


At the top of the Epi Loungr forum is a "DIY" thread...........Good info there.............Check out the "Mojotone" site as well..............

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With a linear taper the reading you get on a multimeter would be 1/2 at 5. ie: If your pot measures 500k at 10 then it would read around 250k at 5.


A non-linear (in the case of guitar pots) is a progressive taper. Non-linear pots are often referred to as Audio pots or Log pots. Fact is, there are many different taper forms that log pots can take depending on how they are made and for who.


What the taper actually "reads" is not necessarily an indication of how it will act. Style of wiring and whether the pot is used for vol. or tone can effect how a pot actually responds.


Basic answer to your original question:





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